Macka Diamond Mum After OnlyFans Leak, Insider Says Its Time For Her To Retire

Dancehall artist Macka Diamond has, for the moment, chosen to remain silent after racy videos from her Only Fans account were leaked online.

DancehallMag reached out to the Dye Dye hitmaker after the videos of the 51-year-old began making the rounds on WhatsApp, but Diamond said that she would not be commenting on the leak.

However, one veteran industry insider, who asked not to be named, said that he believes the leak is a part of a larger publicity stunt aimed at promoting Diamond’s new song Dream Body.

The 40-year veteran stated that he believes that it is time for Macka to retire from the industry.

“It is just plain distasteful. Absolutely no one wants to see that,” the insider told DancehallMag.

“Every ten years she has a major hit, but let’s be honest she needs to draw the line somewhere. She is a big woman, it is no longer cute. It is time for Macka to retire or at least put out better, more age-appropriate content, ” he added.

In a 2020 Gleaner interview, producer Mikey Bennett said that older artists, such as Macka Diamond, have “nothing to worry about” where advancing age is concerned.

“She knows the game very well that she is not at the mercy of any producer; for her it’s marketing and she understands the gimmicks and everything. There is a confidence dancehall needs to excite fans,” Bennett had said about Macka.

Macka had also told The Gleaner that as far as she was concerned, age is not an issue as long as a female entertainer “still sound and look good”.

“People need to stop limiting females and deciding what age is the end of an artiste’s career. I am actually proud when I look at myself; I love the way I am ageing gracefully. There are many persons who are not healthy or do not live to see what I have and if people don’t mention my age, I don’t even think about it. To call me old is to encourage me to come up with something creative to stay fresh, relevant and ¬consistent,” she had said.

Diamond joined OnlyFans in September 2020.

At the time, she said she would only be using the platform to drop a diss track aimed at Instagram personality “Pretti Don.” The diss track entitled “Dog Don” was released exclusively on the subscription-based platform.

In addition to Dye Dye, Macka’s other hits include Bun Him, Done A Ready, Play Tune, and Mi Nuh Dun.

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