DHQ Carlene Smith Hosting Fundraiser For Sister Pinky’s Cancer Fight

Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith is rallying financial support for her sister Pinky, who is battling stage four breast cancer in the lymph nodes.

The pop culture figure is hosting a fundraiser and birthday bash for Pinky on February 7 at the MECA on 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston.

General admission is $2000 and $3000 for VIP.

“Pinky is spirited,” Smith told DancehallMag. “She did chemo (therapy), radiation, the whole shebang, but it didn’t work, so, I thought from last year to go the natural, holistic way which is where we are at now. People may think holistic means bush and only bush but it’s actually way more than that and, so, it’s a very expensive venture…”

“I saw her go down to 93 pounds, so, I think where she is now is very hopeful for me. She’s not back to Pinky, her own self, but health wise, I see the improvements so I want to continue on that journey with her – doing the holistic treatment, and, of course, including prayers, love, care and having family and friends just supporting her.”

Smith and Pinky, along with fellow trendsetters Sandra Lee and the Ouch Crew, revolutionised dancehall fashion in the 90s and, by extension, ushered in a culture that saw women being the object of the video light’s affection and attention.

Pinky approached the space as a fashion show which saw the most innovative, resourceful and exclusive being the eye candy for men and envy of women. Yet, they all supported each other and championed women empowerment, pride in sexual identity, and head-turning uniqueness.

Pinky has also appeared in several music videos for artists including Beenie Man, Tiger and duo Chaka Demus and Pliers. She became a full-time hairstylist after her life in dancehall. “I love my sister, world without end; I don’t think I would be who I am today if it wasn’t for her,” Smith said. “The key thing about this event is to celebrate her life and to continue with her treatment which is very expensive. Things happen. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you keep spending it on health without putting it back by working. She can’t work anymore so it’s really to support her treatment and to keep her vibes and health up.”

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