Dexta Daps, Dance Partner Clear The Air After Transgender Rumors Get Out Of Control

The controversy surrounding Dancehall artist Dexta Daps has been quelled after he and the Bahamian woman—with whom he shared a steamy encounter with on stage over the weekend—debunked the rumors that she was actually a man.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the Shabba Madda Pot deejay defended his dance partner and jeered the transgender rumors.

“Listen yk im not easily distracted n mi nuh follow susususu normally….N I dnt care to address badmind people….But I just wanna stand up for a young lady that genuinely loves her artiste…come offa d girl back yall not light…she even have her yute dem gwey badmind yuh 2 active 🤣🤣🤣,” he wrote, alongside a clip of a parody that a user made in response to the situation

The woman, whose given name is Kaylea Albury aka Kakes Albury, first took to social media to dispel the claims after hundreds of users accused her of being a man shortly after videos of her and the Jamaican entertainer started making rounds online. In the clip, that was also posted by the Owner singer, Albury is seen grinding on top of him, and in other parts of the performance, he grabs her off her feet and begins “stabbing” her rigorously.

“It was me dancing on stage with Dexta Daps and I don’t regret it, at all. If I had the opportunity…thank you all for the likes, shares and support and the negative comments but from here it’s just up, and we’re about to do big things…” she said

Albury, who resides in Nassau, took things a step further by heading to Facebook to reiterate that she does not appreciate the defamatory allegation.

“Yes, it was me for clarification. For those that missed it. Me being a good dancer, I always say to myself and my best friend that if I ever got the chance, I would want to give him my number, I am a very ambitious women, and competitive so when it come to showing up and showing out, I always do baby,” she began in the lengthy post.

“I just want to say please stop spreading the false rumors of me being a trans/man, please stop ruining Dexta Daps name,” she continued.

The Bahamian fanatic went a step further to hail the Call Me If singer as a favourite, and said the interaction was merely fan love.

“He is my favourite and only artist at heart (don’t get me wrong love it all) but I have my reasons for his music and other dancehall music. I Am Dancehall Queen , I can do it all day,” Albury continued.

She also extended gratitude to the supporters who ran to her and Dexta’s defense over the bizarre few days of the rumour swirling around.

“Just wanna say respect and thank you to everyone who stood up for me (Kakes) and #dexta during this time, we appreciate the love and support, and those of you that spoke down, thank you too (I’m not thin-skinned Thank God) but what if I was a female with low self-esteem who just was having fun and y’all turned it left, right an center,” she asked rhetorically.

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