Cardi B Talks Offset & Saweetie Rumors, Plastic Surgery & Takeoff’s Death Reaction

Cardi B is in full album mode as she sits down for a one-on-one with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee about everything from music, her album to her decision to have plastic surgery to being here for her husband Offset as he works through the tragic loss of his cousin and Migos band member Takeoff who was killed on November 1.

While speaking to Lee on his podcast debut on Spotify, the rapper began by explaining that she was an introvert before segueing into her plastic surgery interactions.

On deciding to do surgery
“I’m popping out a little more because the thing about it is I didn’t want to pop out after I had my son because I told you like I wanted to get my body done first and it’s like you know a lot of people thought that when I gave birth I automatically went to get surgery, no. I literally waited like seven months to do surgery,” the rapper said.

Cardi B is often criticized for her extreme plastic surgeries that include a nose job and several rounds of BBL to make her hips and butt snatched. The artist revealed her cosmetic surgeries are nothing more than a desire to be perfect for herself.

“People be assuming that when you do surgery or something you’re insecure about yourself or you hate yourself. That’s not the truth. I just be feeling like if I want to correct something… I’m gonna do it. I like being perfect. I like a certain type of body for myself. Man, if I want to do it, I do it,” she said as she explained that she didn’t like the “big nose,” she got from her father’s side of the family and decided to get a nose job.

The rapper, who previously denied that she had a nose job, finally admitted that she had work done on her nose but said she was telling her fans to warn them. According to her, she had fillers placed in her nose in 2019, but it “f**ked my nose up” because she was misled by Instagram videos. The artist gets candid as she shares that her nose looked longer and she had to get a rhinoplasty to fix her nose shortly after she dropped “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Well, as for Cardi’s surgeon, she revealed that the surgeons are from a list of people that Kim Kardashian had given her a couple of years ago.

Cardi B talks the losses, aka Ls, she had been taking recently – life, love, lawsuits and loss.
Cardi first started talking about her entry into mainstream hip hop before her breakthrough with the track “Bodak Yellow.” The rapper said it took her two years of constant rejection before finding the right people to support her music career, including her stint on Love and Hip Hop, which though it brought her attention; it was hard to get out musically.

“There was a couple of times I went to labels and they was like we will sign you for $50,000, we will sign you for $30,000, I’m like oh my goodness my f**king Love & Hip Hop check is more than that, I’m making that almost like in a week or so, I feel like I’m getting robbed…when you don’t pop off because of a hot song, I had to literally prove myself,” she said.

Cardi B said she eventually spent a lot of money to promote herself and even paid other artists to open for her tour.

“A lot of artists didn’t want to give me a feature. Now it’s easier for female rappers to get features. They didn’t even believe in me like that,” she said.

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