Bounty Killer “Fed Up” With Conditions At Cornwall Regional Hospital

Poor People Governor Bounty Killer has taken aim at Prime Minister Andrew Holness after coming in receipt of a video of several elderly people lying on the floor of the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay.

On Tuesday, Bounty shared the video footage on his Instagram page, which showed some persons sleeping in chairs and others lying on the ground on pieces of cardboard.

In expressing consternation, the Warlord declared that health care, though critical, appears not to be a Government priority.

“Andrew Holness, Health/Education/National Security is every country most important priorities.  Nurses Teachers and Police being under paid.  So when unuh finding money to raise parliamentarians salaries 200% and more, yu didn’t know about the condition of our hospitals?  Take one year of your salary and donate it to buying some beds POOR PEOPLE FED unuh do more to the people than for the people god not sleeping though👏🏿👏🏿,” the Poor People Fed Up artist wrote.

Senior Medical Officer at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, Dr. Derek Harvey, according to a Nationwide News report, has since explained that the mostly elderly patients who were seen sleeping on floors and in wheelchairs, in the video which has been circulating online, are “social cases.”

Dr. Harvey said that the patients tend to congregate on the hospital’s compound as “they have nowhere else to go,” according to the report.

Additionally, he said that social cases at Cornwall Regional fall into two categories, meaning persons who have been discharged from the hospital but have not been picked up by relatives, and those who live on the street”.

Dr. Harvey also told Nationwide that there are 32 social cases at Cornwall Regional at present an that “chairs are provided to accommodate them”.

Bounty’s lamentations came on the same day Health and Wellness Minister Christopher Tufton revealed that only 47 percent of equipment in public health facilities is fully functional, due mainly to poor maintenance.  This, the Minister said, has affected the level of efficiency in the public health sector.

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