Bounty Killer Bashes The Glorification Of ‘Dunce’ Songs

Dancehall’s One General Bounty Killer had a few choice words for the new generation of deejays promoting ‘dunceness’ in their songs.

Speaking during his performance at the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise over the weekend, the Living Dangerously deejay said that being uneducated should be looked down upon, and any endorsement of the opposite will result in societal decay.

“Ah we a di strongest culture inna di worl’—wah likkke dot pon di map and everybody waan seh ‘bomboclxxt!’…weh a gwaan a bare dunceness, dats why some bwoy ah come sing some dutty, nasty foolishness,” he said.“People haffi excellent and educated and smart. Bwoy seh if yuh waan hide tings from black people, put it inna book. Dat mean seh bwoy a celebrate seh they made us illiterate an’ dunce.”His statement was endorsed by Cham, who had joined him for a cameo performance.

Only a month ago, Information Minister Robert Morgan chastised the lyrics of Valiant’s Dunce Cheque, complaining that songs like it are leading the youth down a path of destruction.

Subsequently, Valiant responded lyrically with the song Please Don’t Judge Me.

In October, Bounty Killer had also sided with the Broadcasting Commission on their ban of songs glorifying violence and the use of drugs on the radio.

“Radio has to be radio still, so I can’t disagree. I had songs been banned in the past when there wasn’t even no internet and it didn’t affect the songs it even made dem more in demand,” Bounty had stated.

“But, it’s the disc jocks dem that loves to follow what’s playing in parties and the streets. Radio should stick to its format. Not every song was made for radio. Simple,” he added.

Aside from his strong message at the return of the WTJRC, Killer lived up to expectations for well over an hour with crowd favourites including Look, Suspense, Gun Down, and The Greatest.

The cherry on top was when his compatriot Cham joined him to perform Another Level.

Killer was sure to boast about their decade long friendship, and the connection that they share; which might or might not have been the reason they were both clad in black.

The deejays recently collaborated on BLOOD CLXXT, which was produced by Dave Kelly.

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