My Name is ANNETTE REDDICKS,also know as LADY MICEY,I love to sing and wright music.Music as alway been my passion of mine from a

young age,The reason why i want to do music i grew up in a musically family my cousin had a sound system called JUBA TONE and the Dj on the sound was WINSTON HUSSY,at the time he was one of the best he is also a singer,so having all that influence around me plus listen to GARNET SLIK and many more great singers E.T.C. going to church and singing in the choir is another passion of mine.I came to the UK and everything went blank,then my inspiration came back a few years ago when i start listening to DJ CHRIS CUTT & SISTER HYOTA on SLR RADIO and DJ PROCLAIMA on SOLE CURE RADIO i started to getting those feelings to Dj,singing and writing music again,I must say those three Dj’s inspire me alot¬† everyday i listen to their radio shows.I feel now its the write time for me to follow my musical goals,now you can tune into my GOSPEL & REGGAE RADIO SHOW every Sundays from 12-2pm on WWW.CHRISCUTTRADIO.COM……