T.I. Demands Tory Lanez Speak On Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting, Fans React

Fans are calling for the conversation to be changed about Megan Thee Stallion’s traumatic shooting and T.I. is calling for Tory Lanez to speak up.

Amid the “Savage” rapper spilling all the tea about the night she was shot and confirming that Tory Lanez is responsible, many people, including celebrities, have not been wholeheartedly empathetic on account of not hearing Tory’s side. This is quite unnerving to some as obviously, there really is no excuse for shooting a woman twice as she is walking away from you.

As the industry continues to weigh in on the tragic incident, some can’t help but feel like the conversation would be different if the situation was reversed (Meg shot Tory) or if Tory Lanez had opened fire of someone of another race, complexion or build. “Megan is getting the ‘Serena Williams’ hyper masculine treatment Black women get when they’re not small, lighter in complexion and dainty,” one observed. “Taller and bigger girls always get delt with like we’re mandem adjacent. If he shot someone you lot considered “smol bean” the tone would be different.”

Another fan suggested that “If he shot Kylie he’d be arrested within the second,” and frankly, it’s hard to disagree with this one, and that’s on Kris Jenner. “So if a man shoot another man y’all don’t care about why he did it y’all want justice for the victim. But if a man shoot a woman y’all wanna know why and what’s his side. Oh ok,” said another user on Instagram.

T.I. is possibly one of the most influential people who have requested Tory’s side of the story. In a recent Instagram Live session, Tip insisted that Tory Lanez comes forward and says something. Though he clarified that he is not saying he doesn’t believe it, many fans did not take kindly to his tone, which lacked sensitivity to Megan Thee Stallion in particular.

“Godd**n, how the f**k you shoot a girl… in a bikini? What the f**k? That’s crazy,” T.I. said. “Godd**n m-mm that’s unacceptable. I’m not saying she would lie, I’m not calling anybody a liar. I’m just saying i can’t imagine the sh*t, it’s unimaginable. Yeah, that’s f***ed up. I don’t have no words, I’m just waiting on the whole story. I just need to hear everything.”

He continued, “Sh*t I wouldn’t let nobody be talk… man Tory you need to say sumn bruh. Come on man, clear this sh… you need to say sumn bruh, you gotta speak to this. You have a lot of fans and supporters, you got a lot of people out here man who standing next to you, stood next to you, do music with you. At least call somebody on the phone and say sumn. You gotta say sumn bruh.”

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