Spice Brushes Off Wardrobe Malfunction With “Confidence” And Two New Magazine Covers

Queen of Dancehall and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice says she is confident after her recent wardrobe malfunction fiasco and has unveiled two new sizzling magazine covers as the perfect segue.

Spice, 39, took to Instagram Live on Thursday night to reassure her ‘Besties’ that “under mi nuh look suh,” and that the haters were simply out to get her.  According to the Dancehall star, she’s the least bit bothered because the footage online might not be real.

Earlier this week, a video of Spice’s performance at Hot 97’s On Da Reggae & Soca Tip 2021 surfaced showing what appeared to be an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on stage. The Send It Up singer has brushed off controversy, however, and on her IG Live, Spice said that she isn’t going to ‘kill up herself’ about the incident.

“Yes the video come out, yes I was exposed, we nuh blind but whatever,” Spice said. “Mi nuh know if a di clothes or the light or a di angle or a wha … mi nuh know a what dat dem a show or as how it go, mi nuh know if dem edit it…”

“But a one ting for sure and two tings for certain, unda mi nuh look suh! So mi nah kill up myself,” Spice adamantly stated.

According to the QOD, she was never the promiscuous type so there isn’t a little black book of men that she has dated in the past that could vouch for her.

“And remember, mi nuh take nuh whole heap a man out dere, wha can come say look ere, mi go deh and a nuh suh it stay,” she said.

There are a few however, that could corroborate her statements. “But di few likkle man dem wah mi take, di few likkle man dem wha go deh, di few likkle man dem weh know how unda deh look, can talk out a dem owna mouth,” Spice added.

The Romping Shop singer added that she thought about putting out her own video or photo to prove that the clip circulating on social media isn’t what she looks like and to simply “shame her haters.”  But, she decided against it and reminded herself that she’s a ‘lady of class’ and will not allow people to force her to do something so demeaning.

“Me is a lady with class, so mi just low it. And mi have mi kids dem and mi have mi man weh mi love so mi just low it. And mi nah make nobody make mi lose mi pride and mi dignity.”

“So mi a go stand up firm pon mi foot cause a dat dem want, dem want mi fi fall pon mi face,” she argued.

“But a one ting me a beg uno, when time me dead, anytime God ready fi me and me dead! Me a beg uno please find di good fi talk bout, if a even one good. That’s all me a beg uno,” she continued.

The Queen of Dancehall said as long as she’s alive it would take a lot more from the haters to get her down or break her. She’s happy and confident!

As for her career, there are bigger and better things going on right now. Spice revealed not one but two magazine covers that she appeared on this week.

The QOD gave Instagram followers a sneak peek of her cover in an issue of King Kong Magazine. The feature said, “Spice is a relentless force breaking down barriers for contemporary dancehall artists and women across all genres.”

For the cover, the Dancehall star rocked an extension of the intergalactic get-up from her debut album 10, where she credited her entire glam squad and the creative team. including Savannah Gee Baker, the Creative Director, who had promised that there was more to come from Spice during our interview with her.

She was also on the cover of Riddim Magazine for their 20th Anniversary issue dubbed “20 Outta 20: 20 artists reviewed 20 albums of the last 20 years.”

Looking flawless in brown and bronze highlighted hair, her makeup on fleek with overly icy jewels to compliment her very sizzling look, Spice wrote on the share, “Another cover Thank you @riddim_mag 20 Anniversary Issue  .”Spice, best known for songs like So Mi Like It and Romping Shop with Vybz Kartel, also shared two new sizzling photos of herself in Miami, one of which was captioned “Rock of Gibraltar”.

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