Olympic 2020

A concept logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games (above) has got creatives debating the merits of its design. The unofficial logo, created by designer Daren Newman, has been praised for elegantly capturing the spirit of the games and the Japanese city, although it’s also prompted people to defend the actual Tokyo 2020 identity.

The idea for the logo was recently posted by Newman on his social media channels. The design plays with the shapes of the Olympic rings and makes them read ‘2020’. It also fills in the red ring to make it look like the rising sun disc found on Japan’s flag.

Our guide to logo design stresses the importance of shape and symbolism, so we can see why Newman’s idea, which plays with familiar imagery, has been warmly received by some. Reddit user DiImmortalesXV said that it: “Perfectly encapsulates the modernity and simplicity that it wishes to convey. Beautiful.” And people on Twitter even had some nice things to say about it.

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