Blak Ryno Says There’s No Chance He And Popcaan Will Ever ‘Link’ Again

There is absolutely no chance that Dancehall artist Blak Ryno will “link back” with Popcaan.

That’s according to Bike Back singer himself who answered a fan question during an Instagram Live yesterday, about whether the two former Portmore Empire stablemates would mend their relationship.  It was a timely question given recent efforts to promote ‘collaboration over confrontation’ in Dancehall.

In his answer to the fan, Blak Ryno used snacks he hates as an analogy to describe how he felt about the Unruly deejay whose name sounds like popcorn. “Me doh even like banana chips. Yuh see me potato chips, bench banana chips, bench Popcaan, bench, Popcaan bench. Wha else, cheese strips, worse off bench,” he quipped.

“Ganja present,” he added as he held up his spliff, indicating that marijuana was the only thing getting any kind of love from him these days.

Their beef goes all the way back to 2010 when Blak Ryno announced that he was leaving the Vybz Kartel-led GAZA camp.  The exit was heralded in the Ryno’s hit track, Mi Lef, in which he explained his headstrong reasons for ‘cutting’.

Popcaan remained loyal, and released Dem Sell We Out (2010) which dissed Ryno. “Look how Vybz Kartel did honor them/ Ungrateful people a go sorry when/ Every youth a get rich and you broke again,” Popcaan deejayed in defense of Kartel and the now-defunct camp.

Ryno responded to the blatant diss with U Vex Ee (2010) — the first of many tracks aimed at the camp — in which he deejayed, “How dem mean mi sell out? Freedom ova bondage mi sey, life ova death, good ova evil.”

Tensions flared in 2012 when the singers physically clashed during Supreme Promotions’ famous Sting event that year.  Ryno, who wasn’t formally billed to perform, took to the stage with a mic in hand during Popcaan’s set in an effort to confront and clash with the Risky singer.  Video from the event showed that Popcaan was having none of that, as he promptly pushed Ryno off the stage.  Security was quick to prevent the altercation from escalating much further when an irate Ryno climbed back onto the stage.

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