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Chaos Erupts in Washington D.C. – Video Report

On Wednesday January 6th, For the first time in the USA history, supporters of the losing presidential candidate have forcibly disrupted the official counting of electoral votes. Earlier Trump urged supporters to march on the White House. Learn more from the video report below.


Fab 5, Flourgon To Perform at Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris’ Virtual inauguration

The Caribbean has not been left out of the celebrations for incoming United States Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. The well-known show band Fab 5 and popular 90s deejay Flourgon will join other artists from the Caribbean to perform at the Vice-President elect’s virtual inauguration party. The event, which is still being planned by the Caribbean American Continue Reading


Kamala Harris is 3rd Most Powerful Woman in the World…. See others

The pandemic has forced a lot of women back to the state of inequality that they previously fought for, however, there are those powerful females of the world that never stopped moving forward and Forbes took the time out to acknowledge their efforts in such a hard time. Firstly they recognized those women who have Continue Reading