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Almost 30 People Died While Trying To Enter UK – Video Report

There’s a costly and deadly migration into Britain that has caused hundreds of deaths over the past 20 years, and nearly 30 people died while making the trip on Wednesday. Contributor Simon Bates with BBC News joins CBSN anchor Lana Zaka to talk about what’s being done to curb this rise in illegal human smuggling.


Veteran Actor Shot and Kill Woman on Film Set by Accident – Video Report

This fatal accident took place in New Mexico, USA where several actors, actresses, directors etc were involved in the shooting of a new movie. A prop gun was used in one instance which turned out to fire a fatal blow, killing a female member who wa son set.


R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Responds to Guilty Convictions – Video Report

Embattled RnB singer R. Kelly has stated that he is not guilty of the conversations laid on him and will appeal. On the other hand Kelly’s former wife has come out and express sympathy towards the victims of the “Bump and Grind” singer, expressing that she too was abused while they were together. According to Continue Reading


Bill Cosby Thinks R Kelly Is Being Railroaded And His Spokesperson Says Racism Played A Part In The Conviction

TMZ recently spoke to Bill Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt, about what his client thinks about the conviction that was handed down to popular R&B singer R Kelly and according to what the former Tv personality said, he thinks the entertainer might have been “railroaded”. Wyatt, in addition to the bit of information he gave, told Continue Reading

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